Donation Pickup Scheduling
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  • Save Fuel
  • Improve donor relations
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ThriftCart is the all-in-one solution for thrift store software. The system is comprised of three main components that interact with each, but each component can be used and ordered separately.

The ThriftCart donation pickup scheduling system helps you manage your organizations trucks and pickups. You will get rid of paper calendars, complicated Excel spreadsheets, and tedious paperwork. You will save fuel with geographic pickup clustering and automatic routing. And you will improve donor relations with built-in thank you letters, reminder call prompts, and pickup confirmation e-mails.

The ThriftCart Inventory and Point-of-Sale System will help your thrift store shine above the rest. While other thrift stores might have an uninteresting website with just a general idea of what's in the store, you can make your internet page sticky by posting your most interesting inventory to the website in real time, and having it come down automatically when it's bought. That's true marketing. Also, you get valuable information about how long it takes for items to sell and how much they are selling for. This system also vastly improves record-keeping over standard non-computerized cash registers. You get real-time information about the day's sales in the back-office without having to ever walk to the register. There are also other thrift-store specific features, such as printing sold tags to post on your items after they have been paid for and keeping track of who donated an item that just sold. The system can also help track inventory and cost of goods sold on the inventory items that you purchase from suppliers.

The ThriftCart Volunteer timesheet records system will help you keep track of who has been working and when. The system is designed to handle your staff, your volunteers, and your mandatory community service workers. The system can track projects and sub-projects, so you know how much time is being spent where. You can also implement security features, such as taking pictures when a community service worker checks-in to reduce fradulent check-ins.

Security is paramount for handling sensitive credit card data - that's why we work together with Vantiv Integrated Payments. Vantiv Integrated Payments is a leader in bringing secure card processing products to market in a manner that anyone - even the smallest merchant - can implement and afford. Two big security concepts are End-to-End Encryption and Tokenization.
Vantiv Integrated Payments has put together an infographic to explain these two concepts in a simple manner.
When you use ThriftCart, you get the advantages of Vantiv Integrated Payments's powerful End-to-End Encryption and Tokenization services, without the need for any action on your part. Not only that, but you also can take advantage of the latest EMV (sometimes called Chip-and-PIN) technology to be on the good side of the liability shift.
Furthermore, Nabadab LLC, maker of ThriftCart, is a PCI-approved Qualified Integrator and Reseller, meaning that you can be assured that the payment application is installed in a secure manner.
Request a ThriftCart demo today to see how you can improve your checkout experience and your security.
Want more information? Watch a video about payment security here.

Did you know...
ThriftCart's pickup scheduling system can save you fuel with for your donation pickup program by prompting you about nearby future pickups. This will geographically cluster the pickups on a given day. ThriftCart's pickup scheduling system can save you fuel by automatically routing your pickups in the optimal order. ThriftCart also respects promises that you have made your donors by keeping pickups within their designated timeblock, if you decide to promise your donors a pickup in a given time range. ThriftCart's donation pickup scheduling system helps you avoid donors forgetting their pickups with reminder call prompts. ThriftCart runs in the cloud. That means that ThriftCart can be used anywhere you have a computer with internet access. ThriftCart's point-of-sale system lets you post your interesting inventory in real-time to your web page. That will increase foot traffic, brand awareness, donations, and sales. ThriftCart's donation pickup scheduling can integrate with your website, so that when someone fills out your pickup request form on your website, the information transfers into the system.

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