How do you attract foot traffic to your thrift store? We live in the information age - and the quickest answer is information on the internet. What would make your website stand out? Real-time inventory would get people coming back to your website for more. The challenge has always been that it's a hassle to update your website with inventory, and then you have to manually remove inventory when it sells. This is a hassle and generally results in an website with phantom inventory.

ThriftCart solves this problem with its inventory management and point of sale system. You can easily post inventory to your website in real time, it will print a barcode for the item, and then when that barcode is scanned at the ThriftCart-based cash register, the item will be removed from your website.

Not only does the system increase sales - and donations! - by increased market exposure, it also helps sales in other ways. You get good data about what sells and how fast, so you can set price points that attract buyers and keep inventory moving, without giving the inventory away. Also, printed barcoded prices reenforce the idea that your prices are not negotiable, so you will lose fewer sales at the register.

The system also has features for tracking purchased inventory if you decide to augment your donated/consigned inventory with purchased inventory.

There are also other thrift store specific features, such as printing sold tags for items that were sold, but cannot be picked up yet and automatically discounting items that have been in inventory for an extended period.

Want to see the system in action? Just contact us and we will walk you through it.