Point of Sale and Inventory built for a Thrift Store

Thrift stores aren't the same as other retail stores.

You're not buying from suppliers and selling the same thing over and over again. Rather you're selling one-of-a-kind items. ThriftCart's Point of Sale System is built around this workflow.

Your customers support you!

Many thrift stores are not-for-profit, but rather support a cause bigger than the store. If that's the case, most of your customers care about your cause too! With ThriftCart, you can ask for round-up donations at the credit card terminal. Those bits of spare change really add up. Did you know that at most of our stores, 60% of customers round up their purchase to the nearest dollar when asked?

Discounting your way.

Many reuse and thrift stores drop prices on items the longer they have been in the store. This keeps the merchandise mix fresh and gives bargain-hunters satisfaction when they get a deal. ThriftCart supports discounting based on color tags of items.

Simple communications with HQ.

Many thrift stores live in a different building than the administrative staff. ThriftCart reduces that pain. Give your accountant or bookkeeper a login, and they can view sales without scanning Z-tape copies. Your executive director can pull real-time reports. Your donor relations staff can reach out to customers to turn them into donors.

Multi-store ready.

An increasing number of reuse and thrift stores now opperate multiple stores. This is a great way to get in-kind donations from a wider range of donors, and get more people in your area buying from your store. Now with ThriftCart, you can manage multiple store locations from one simple tool.

You can even highlight inventory online.

Shoppers are being trained by traditional retailers to check online before they come to the store. ThriftCart makes it possible for you to offer this same convenience to your shoppers. With ThriftCart, you can barcode an item in seconds, snap a picture of it, and it can appear on your website. When it sells, the item is automatically removed. This not only gives your customers excitement about what's in your stores, it also helps search engines like Google and Bing know that your website is frequently updated, and include it in more searches.

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