Who was working when? With a thrift store, particularly as a non-profit, you probably have a mass of different people working for you. Some of them are staff, some are volunteers, and some are doing community service hours. It's a lot to keep track of.

The ThriftCart timesheet management system allows you to track who is working. You can set up projects and sub-projects to see how your time is spent. It also has security features, such as taking webcam pictures during a sign in, to ensure that the person making the entry is indeed the right person.

Want to see the system in action? Just contact us and we will walk you through it.

Did you know...
ThriftCart's pickup scheduling system can save you fuel with for your donation pickup program by prompting you about nearby future pickups. This will geographically cluster the pickups on a given day. ThriftCart's pickup scheduling system can save you fuel by automatically routing your pickups in the optimal order. ThriftCart also respects promises that you have made your donors by keeping pickups within their designated timeblock, if you decide to promise your donors a pickup in a given time range. ThriftCart's donation pickup scheduling system helps you avoid donors forgetting their pickups with reminder call prompts. ThriftCart runs in the cloud. That means that ThriftCart can be used anywhere you have a computer with internet access. ThriftCart's point-of-sale system lets you post your interesting inventory in real-time to your web page. That will increase foot traffic, brand awareness, donations, and sales. ThriftCart's donation pickup scheduling can integrate with your website, so that when someone fills out your pickup request form on your website, the information transfers into the system.

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