Our mission is
Promoting Reuse and Helping Reusers

ThriftCart was founded in 2012 because the tools available for thrift and reuse stores were lacking

Thrift stores, building materials reuse centers, salvage stores, and similar operations have unique needs. Trying to squeeze off-the-shelf software to meet those needs can be frustrating. That is the reason ThriftCart was founded. ThriftCart is here to promote reuse and help reusers.

The Team


Michael - Founder.

Michael founded ThriftCart in 2012. He helped it grow from just an idea to a company helping hundreds of stores. Michael loves new ideas and looking for ways to do things even better than they are done now.


Corbin - Sales Executive.

Corbin brings his passion for serving others to ThriftCart. Because each store is unique, Corbin is able to help guide a store to see where they might benefit from ThriftCart. For Corbin, sales is not about pressure and sales tactics, but rather about making sure that clients have knowledge about what's available to them.


Matthew - Sales Executive.

Matthew is an enthusiastic person and he hopes he can make you enthusiastic about ThriftCart. Whether you're completely new to ThriftCart, or whether you already use, for example, Donation Pickup Scheduling and want to upgrade to use Point of Sale as well, he'll show you the ropes, and how ThriftCart can help you!


David - Software Developer.

David is a thinker and a problem solver. Software is ThriftCart's core deliverable to you, and so quality programming is key!


Shannon - Customer Success.

Shannon is here to ensure that you get what you need out of ThriftCart. She wants to ensure that your experience with ThriftCart is positive and is happy to help your find what you need, and help you configure ThriftCart to meet your particular thrift store practices.

New Person - You?

You? - New Role!

ThriftCart is growing daily. As we continue in our mission to promote reuse and help reusers, more talent will be needed. Do you think you have something to offer? Then go ahead and contact us to tell us about your skills and why you think you can help make ThriftCart better and further the mission.