Video transcript: Hi, I'm Michael Nehring, creator of ThriftCart, and today I'm going to introduce the pickup scheduling system. The ThriftCart pickup scheduling system is designed specifically to manage donation pickup services for non-profits. It helps both with managing the pickups and with improving donor relations.

The system is efficient, showing you both if a new pickup is located close to an existing pickup and showing you what pickup zone the address is in. It also has built in route-optimization, so your drivers spend less time driving and you spend less on fuel, tires and repairs.

There is no limit to the number of trucks you can manage and the number of users in the system, meaning that you can even have separate accounts for each staff member and all of your volunteers.

Donors relations is simplified with built-in thank you letters, pickup confirmation letters, pickup reminder call prompts and digitally managed receipts.

Get more donations using a web pickup form that automatically transfers information into the system and lets you scheduling the pickup without needing to copy and paste, type or ask the donor again for the information. The call logger also allows you to keep track of messages left by potential donors and easily schedule pickups right from the call log.

All of your donor's information is stored, so if the donor calls with another pickup, all you need is his or her name or phone number or address, and all the other information is pulled up automatically.

The system also simplifies things for your drivers. You can e-mail schedules to the driver's phones. The driver can mark items as rejected to remove them from the digital receipt, and even mark an entire pickup for rescheduling and give you instant e-mail notification, all with the click of a button. You can even download an app to use the GPS receiver in an Android smartphone to send real-time location data back to ThriftCart. This way, if a donor calls in to ask when your truck will arrive, you will know exactly where the driver is without needing to call.

Additionally, all the information is stored in the cloud, so you can schedule pickups anywhere you have a web-connected computer. Also, there are built-in reports so you can monitor the overall activity of your pickup service and see who your major donors are.

So now is the time to eliminate paper calendars, clipboards, and complicated spreadsheets. Contact ThriftCart to set up your account today.