Privacy Policy

At Nabadab LLC we respect your privacy and want your loyalty. We do not sell or rent customer lists to other organizations. Your contact data may be shared with third parties to perform services, such as marketing services. We also respect your customer's data, and only use it to make the service run. We do not market to your customers.

Policies with regards to the ThriftCart Driver App

The ThriftCart Driver App collects, stores, and transmits GPS location data. This data is used for the purpose of alerting the dispatcher of your location without needing to call you and ask, and can also be used to alert the donor of your location as you approach the donation location. GPS data is collected when tracking is turned on, even if the app is in the background. A notification is displayed in the notifications bar to alert you when your location is being tracked.

ThriftCart stores historical GPS data for your organization's benefit. This can be used to audit the routes actually taken by the truck against planned routes. GPS tracking data can be deleted at your organization's written request.

GPS data is never sold, rented, or given to third party organizations.

The ThriftCart driver app also records information regarding the donations you are picking up, including donor contact information and list of items picked up. This information is used by your organization to issue donation receipts to the donor, as well as maintain records of donations received. This information is also not sold, rented or shared. Your organization is responsible for maintaining your donor records in compliance with your own privacy policy and applicable laws.