Round up Donation Reports in your Thrift Store POS

Your shoppers are typically happy to give you their change - are you taking advantage of that?

Most thrift stores in the US are run by not-for-profit organizations. The customers who shop at these stores are typically looking for quality goods at low prices, but also support the organization. So, if you ask a customer if they're willing to donating their change after a purchase and round up to the nearest dollar, more often than not, they'll say yes.

For that reason, there are three things you want. First, you want to make sure that your thrift store point of sale system makes it easy for your cashiers to ask for a round up. Second, your POS should be able to use the credit card machine to prompt the customer directly for a round up without the cashier needing to ask, and finally, you will need good metrics to ensure that your cashiers are asking consistently.

ThriftCart's point of sale system for thrift and reuse stores makes all that easy. First, it can remind cashiers before a cash purchase to ask the customer if they want to round up. Second, it can use the credit card machine to prompt directly for a round up on card purchases. And finally, you get good metrics so you know how you are doing.

Below is a sample image showing the different round up rates by payment type:
round up donations by payment type for thrift store POS

As you can see 70% of cash sales and over 83% of card sales had a round up donation attached. This is a very good rate. Normal rates are closer to 66%. How did this thrift store manage to get such good results? They were able to track round up rates by cashier.
round up donations by cashier type for thrift store POS

As you can see from the table above, cashier Abe was a good deal below average with his round up rate. Cashier Esther was above average. It would appear that Joe is significantly below average, but it appears that he has a low number of total transactions and is probably just starting his training. Using this data, we can commend Esther for her above-average success and encourage Abe to remember to ask customers for round up donations. Since Joe is just starting his training, we'll need to remind the cashier training him to emphasize the importance of asking for round up donations.

If you're interested in getting a point of sale system for your thrift store that makes round up donations easier for your cashiers and your customers, please schedule a time to talk with us.