Customer Praise for the ThriftCart Donation Pickup Scheduling System

ThriftCart increased our efficiency by automating tasks that would have otherwise been done manually. It saves time at the end of the month when it's time to make reports. Just a couple of clicks and you're done. It also helps us provide better donor service. We can track our trucks and provide more accurate ETA's . . . and there are fewer missed pickups.
Jason Carter
Donations Coordinator
Chatham Habitat for Humanity ReStore

ThriftCart helps us keep better track of our donors and allows us to provide better customer service through features such as confirmation emails, automatically generated donation receipts, and easily accessible reports that show who's donating on a regular basis. One of my favorite features is the donation scheduling, which allows us to schedule a pickup based on its proximity to the closest pickup already scheduled. No more checking the calendar to see which day we are in the area!
Jessica Brandt
ReStore Business Analyst
Habitat for Humanity Charlotte ReStore

ThriftCart saves us at least two hours a day scheduling pickups by integrating call logging, route optimizing, and GPS tracking features all into one system. The donor management database has even given us the capability to send out thank you emails to our donors!
Natalie Chesson
Donation Procurement Manager
Habitat for Humanity of Wake County