The Power of Thank-You Letters for Donation Pickup Scheduling

Repeat donors are critical!

If you're reading this, it's probably because your thrift store has a donation pickup service. Recruiting people to give valuable donations is tricky and time-consuming. So, once you have made the effort, getting the same person to donate again gives you twice the value for your money! In most stores using ThriftCart to schedule pickups for large items like appliances or furniture, a typical rate for one person having more than one pickup in a single year is between 5% and 9% of all donors. (Most people will only donate a single time because there is one particular event that caused them to donate.) For stores picking up small items, like bags of clothing, the repeat rate is significantly higher, at around 40%. But for high-value donations, the repeat rate isn't very high. Is there a way to make it higher?

People love to be thanked!

It turns out there is a way to make it higher - thank your donors! Donors who receive thank-you notes from your store are about 70% more likely to donate a second time within a single year than those who go unthanked for their donation. Getting a thank-you letter keeps you front-of-mind and it associates donating to your store with a positive experience.

Thank you letters are easy in ThriftCart

Sending thank you letters is easy with ThriftCart's donation pickup scheduling system. With just a couple of clicks, you can e-mail your donor a letter thanking them for the contribution they made to your store. They feel happy, and they are more likely to donate to you again.