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Your demo will include a custom walkthrough of ThriftCart catered to your thrift store’s unique needs.

Automate Your Thrift Business
 Designed to give you the customized capabilities you need to provide the best possible customer experience while also facilitating easy and accurate reporting.

Streamline Donation Pickups
 ThriftCart route optimization was created to help streamline the process to save time and fuel while enabling you to do more with the staff you have.

Tools Tailored to Donations
 ThriftCart’s drop off donation tracking tool provides eReceipts, tracks where donations come from, what is brought in, and when.



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POS and Scheduling technologies can be daunting, not ThriftCart. Modules are user friendly yet provide layers of information at a touch with easy access from any internet device. Bonus feature, create and manage an online store with safety features built in to prevent duplicate sales. Even our volunteers love ThriftCart.
Jeff Mingus
Restore Catawba Valley | Hickory, NC

ThriftCart yields us very specific data that we can use to improve our shopper experience. The daily reports paint a clear picture of what track we need to be on to meet budgetary requirements. The user-friendly mainframe makes POS training easy so management can spend their time more effectively elsewhere.

Matt Reynolds
Habitat for Humanity of Henderson, KY
Let me be blunt: Michael and Corbin of ThriftCart have provided great customer service. We asked a lot of them, and they delivered not only during the transition period but afterwards too!!
Gordon Hoff
Hope Gospel Mission
I have thoroughly enjoyed using ThriftCart and working with their team! Whenever I’ve had a question, Mike and Corbin get back to me swiftly. My organization doesn’t employ every ThriftCart feature; however, the ones we do employ are fantastic and work phenomenally. If I had to select a “favorite” feature, it would undoubtedly be Route Optimization! It’s so efficient and helps make the pickups a bit easier for my guys. As long as we’re operational, ThriftCart will be our go-to.
Shaundra Q. Battle
ATL Community Thrift

Features built for your business.

ThriftCart was built for thrift stores by store owners and managers. Designed with the input of thrift professionals ThriftCart has become the leading thrift store POS in the world.


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