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Holding Fees for Sold Tags

by Noah Valen | Jul 7, 2023

In this article, we’ll review how to set up hold fees for items customers purchase but leave at your store to pickup later and you print sold-tags from ThriftCart for those items, and how to collect those hold fees.

Setting up the Holding Fee

Note: Before setting up the holding fee, you need to add an item in your account for “Holding Fee” and set it’s price to what you charge per day that a sold item is past due for pickup. Once the item is made, make a note of the item ID number.

1) To set up a holding fee, navigate to Point of Sale and Inventory > POS Settings.

Setting up the Holding Fee

Setting up the Holding Fee

2) Click on Receipt Configuration.

Click on Receipt Configuration.

3) On this page, press Set up sold slips.

On this page, press Set up sold slips

4) On this page, you will find all the settings you can edit for your sold tags (Note: most of this should have already been configured in the account setup process). Enter the item ID of the “Holding Fee” item you previously created. Now, when an item is picked up, ThriftCart can automatically calculate a holding fee based on how many days past the pickup day it is.


Charging the Holding Fee

1) Complete a sale, and print out a sold tag as usual. Once the customer is ready to pick up their item, scan the barcode on the sold tag as usual to enter the return/void/pickup screen. On this screen, if the item is past-due for pickup, you will be prompted with a message that a holding fee should be collected.

ThriftCart automatically displays the number of days past-due the item is being picked up as the number of days to charge a hold fee for. You can manually change the number of days to charge a fee for if desired. With the desired number of days entered, press the Pay for fees button to ring up the fee transaction.

(Note, if there is more than one item from the original purchase to be picked up, ThriftCart calculates the total days to charge a hold fee for as the past-due days of all items combined. For example, if there are 2 items to pick up and they are 5 days past-due, ThriftCart calculates this as 10 days of holding-fees.)

Charging the Holding Fee

2) Collect and record payment like a normal sale.

Collect and record payment like a normal sale

3) Once you process payment, return to the register, scan the sold tag barcode once more, and mark the item(s) as picked up. This completes the process of charging a holding fee and marking the item(s) as picked up!