Issuing A Return To Store Credit

by | Apr 19, 2023

In this article, we will review issuing a return to store credit.

1) The first step of processing a return to store credit will be to locate and scan/type the receipt ID number into the cash register. This is located at the bottom of the receipt, and you will enter it into the Scan or Key in Barcode field.

2) Once you scan the barcode or type in the ID and press enter, you will be transferred to the return page.

3) On this page, scroll down to the list of items from the original transaction. Select the items that the customer wishes to return by entering the quantity to return in the “Number to refund” field(s).

You can also enter a quantity in the field “Number to add back to inventory”. However, if you plan to re-process these items (e.g. choose a new price and print a new barcode) or to dispose of them, leave the inventory field at zero (0).

If desired, enter a reason for the return or select a preset reason from the drop-down menu. (If you want preset return reasons listed in your account, please email a request).

4) After entering the items to return, select the third return option (Refund to store credit). Then, scan the barcode on the back of the gift/store credit card (if using physical cards) into the field titled Store credit barcode.

Note, if not using physical cards, you can key in any unique ID for the credit (this could be a customer’s phone number). Keep in mind, when redeeming the credit, the ID will need entered at the register exactly as it is entered here, including with/without special characters like hyphens and parenthesis, so I recommend keeping the format consistent among staff members.

5) Once you have entered the credit barcode/ID, press the green button to be redirected to the cash register to complete the refund process.

6) On the register screen, ThriftCart calculates the amount to refund to store credit based on the returned item(s) prices, restocking fees (if applicable), and sales tax. If the amounts look correct and the balance due is $0.00, press the blue button on the right side of the screen. This completes the return and generates a return receipt that lists the store credit balance.

With the credit issued, when a customer wants to pay using the credit, you can select the store credit/gift-card payment type on the register and scan/enter the credit barcode/ID to redeem payment.

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