Schedule and manage your Donation Pickup Service


No more spreadsheets and paper.

Excel and Google Sheets are great tools, but they aren't built for donation pickup scheduling. ThriftCart's Donation Pickup Scheduling tool is designed for this specific task.

Your donors don't forget you - you shouldn't forget them.

ThriftCart remembers your donors' details from previous pickups. If they call back, you won't have to re-input all their data. They will appreciate that you remember them.

Let your donors self-schedule online!

Your donors want to do everything from their smartphone, including scheduling donation pickups. However, you want to ensure that your pickups are top-quality and that you're not committing to a pickup on a day you are full. Now it's possible! ThriftCart's self-scheduling system will only show dates that your truck is in the donor's area and the truck is not full. Furthermore, you can ask screening questions and even request photos of items.

Improve Donor Relations.

Happy donors mean more and better donations. Use ThriftCart to help with reminder calls before the pickup and receipts and thank-you letters after the pickup.

Save Fuel.

If your service area is large enough that you don't cover the entire area in a day, or if you run multiple trucks, you have great opportunities to save fuel by setting up zones. Simply divide your geography into different zones (using any boundary you wish - city limits, zip codes, rivers, train tracks, highways, etc). Then assign those zones to trucks and days of the week. When a donor calls or schedules online, ThriftCart automatically detects the correct zone, and suggests available dates.

You can also do route optimization. That way you won't be zig-zagging across town, but instead you'll make a clean loop - with just one click! Book a Demo

I have thoroughly enjoyed using ThriftCart and working with their team! Whenever I’ve had a question, Mike and Corbin get back to me swiftly. My organization doesn’t employ every ThriftCart feature; however, the ones we do employ are fantastic and work phenomenally. If I had to select a “favorite” feature, it would undoubtedly be Route Optimization! It’s so efficient and helps make the pickups a bit easier for my guys. As long as we’re operational, ThriftCart will be our go-to.

Shaundra Q. Battle

Marketing and Logistics Director - ATL Community Thrift