Let your donors book pickups online

If you are a donor and you are on this page, it's probably because the charity you are donating to is using ThriftCart for their donation pickup scheduling. ThriftCart allows your favorite charities to make scheduling donation pickups easier for them and easier for you.

It's time to let your donors book donation pickups online!

Do you have a smartphone in your pocket? Guess what, your donors do too! When they see a large item they want to donate, they expect to be able to navigate to your website, click a link, and schedule your truck to come and pick up that item, all without having to talk to a person on the phone.

Letting your donors schedule pickups online is now easy with ThriftCart. ThriftCart provides your donors with an easy web interface so they can book a pickup in just moments.

Self-scheduling is not just good for donors, it's also good for you. You can present individual screening questions for items to make sure that the items you receive from donors meet your quality standards. You can even request pictures, and the donors never has to leave their smartphone.

Keep Life Organized

Donors are only shown dates when your truck is servicing their area, and the date is only displayed if the truck isn't full. That way you can be confident you won't have to reschedule, and the donor won't have to play phone tag with you to get a date in the schedule.

Get Some Gas Money

Many of your donors not only want to get rid of their items, but they support your cause and know it's expensive to drive trucks around town. So now you can even request a monetary donation during the pickup scheduling process. This optional step lets the donor process a payment online, or optionally indicate that they will give the driver a check during the pickup.
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