Bring you thrift store online!

If business at your store is slow or closed, an online store may keep revenue coming in!

ThriftCart's Online Store, works with our point-of-sale (POS) system and makes online sales easy!

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  • $200 setup fee
  • First 30 days of hosting is FREE then,
    • $25/month for the first store (not including $50/month POS fee)
    • $15/month for each additional store (not including $50/month POS fee)

Our organization relied on in-person furniture shopping before COVID-19 shut much of the country down. Using ThriftCart, we were able to upload our inventory to an online store and upload photos, which allowed our clients to continue receiving much needed furnishings. ThriftCart also reduced the amount of paper clutter in the office, as most of our records are stored online and can be printed on-demand. For a nonprofit like ours, the cost of the program, when combined with the flexibility of the ThriftCart team, has allowed for growth when our organization needs it most.

Nelson Rolon

Team Leader at HATAS Capital Region Furniture Bank