Drop-Off Donations – Staff Recorded

by | Mar 28, 2023

To record a drop-off donation from the staff view, follow the below steps.

1. Once logged into ThriftCart, on the left side navigation, select Drop off donationsAdd a drop off > and then select the store location.

2. This will direct you to the drop-off donation page where you can select the items being dropped off, add donor information, collect a signature and complete the drop-off, which will then allow you to print and email receipts.

3. First, select the items that the donor is dropping off. You can select as many items as you would like from this list.

4. Once you have entered the items, you can then search your donor database for this donor. You can either select an existing donor or create a new donor for this drop-off donation.

5. Scrolling down this page, you can collect a signature from the donor if you choose to (note: the signature collection is a rarely used feature, we don’t usually recommend using this function).

6. Once you have included all of the correct information, press the green Add drop off button to complete this drop-off.

7. Once you complete the drop-off, you will get the option to email the donation receipt, or print it on either full-size or receipt-size paper.

8. Scrolling down on this page, you will have the option to bypass issuing a receipt, capture a signature, and edit the date for the drop-off.