Setting up a Computer for ThriftCart POS

by | May 5, 2023

Below you will find the steps to complete for setting up Windows, the Star TSP100 receipt printer, and making the cash box open on receipt print. Please note that each computer is slightly different, and the screenshots below may not be exactly the same. Be sure to reach out to with any questions or need of assistance. If your computer is new out of the box, be sure to complete the Windows setup first before jumping into these steps.

Plugging in the Receipt Printer

  1. Unbox and connect the Star TSP100 receipt printer, and plug in the USB cable from the printer to the computer.
  2. Plug in the power cable from the back of the printer to a known good power source.
  3. Connect the phone-style cable from the printer to the cash box.

Setting up the Computer

  1. Open the start menu, and type “printers & scanners” and open the application for system settings:
  2. Within the settings menu for printers, remove all the printers (except for the Star receipt printer if it is already showing up).
    • Note some operating systems have a button that says remove, and for some you may have to right-click to see the remove option.
  3. Navigate to a web browser (often the only one on a new computer is Microsoft Edge).
  4. You will need to download three files:
    • Note: your computer will likely think this file is a threat, and block the download. Make sure to click on “See more” and click the three dots, then “Keep”, then “Show more” then “Keep anyway.

  5. Once all the files are downloaded, you’ll need to extract and install them.
    • Open the downloads folder (use the start menu, and type “downloads”, or navigate to the file explorer, and choose downloads on the left menu)

  6. Double-click on “Firefox Installer” and follow the prompts to install. (If asked, be sure to set Firefox as your default browser.)
  7. Installing ThriftCarts Printer Control Program
    • Double-click on Relationprinter.exe
    • This file is sometimes recognized as harmful, here is how to install:
    • Click “run anyway”
    • Approve when it asks if you want to let it make changes to your computer.
    • Follow the prompts to install, then click finish.
  8. Extract and Install the Printer Driver
    • Right click on “tsp100_v770” and choose “Extract All…”
    • Check the box for “show extracted files when complete”, and then click “Extract”.
    • Double-click the Setup folder
    • Double-click the Setup file
  9. Configuration of the Star TSP100
    • Restart the computer. Go to The start menu, and power, and then restart:
    • Open the start menu, and type “TSP100”, and run the configuration program. Allow the program to make changes to your computer.
    • Run the program in “ESC/POS mode” when asked. After a moment the configuration pops up:
    • Once it’s open, click the menu option for “Print Job Routing” and choose the checkbox for “Enable ESC/POS Routing” and click “Apply Changes”, then “close”.
  10. Firefox browser settings
    • Open Firefox browser:
    • Go to a new tab, click the settings gear, “manage more settings”, and search for “pop-up”:
    • Un-check the box for “Block pop-up windows”, then close the settings tab.
  11. Printer and cash drawer test
    • Open Firefox (or a new window if it was closed in the last step).
    • Log in to your ThriftCart account and test a receipt print (either by a test transaction, or a reprint of a previous transaction).

Be sure to reach out to if you have any questions, get stuck on any of these steps, or if the printer is still not printing or the cash drawer is not opening.